Royal Mid-Century Modern Dining Room Decor Ideas

It’s no secret that mid-century modern is back! And why wouldn’t it, as its clean lines and minimal styles look great in modern homes and apartments? As we are furnishing our new home, I am also drawn towards furniture in this style for many areas of our house. Particularly, I am excited to incorporate mid-century modern touches into our dining room. Below are ideas on how to recreate a mid century modern dining room – with a “royal” twist!

mid century modern dining room
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What to Look For

Mid-century modern style consist of a classic, understated look, with clean lines and minimal fuss. Characteristics include:

  • Functionality. Form follows function
  • Clean and sleek lines
  • Natural hues, such as wood details
  • Minimalism. Less is more!

My idea for our dining room is mid-century modern with a royal twist. Even though I love MCM minimalism, I also wanted the room to be a little “extra.” I would like to bring in deep, jewel hues (perhaps navy?) and pairing them with gold accents. I’m realizing that no matter what, I’m always looking to add a bit of “luxe” into any room! 🙂 (see post French Provincial Bedroom Decor Ideas for proof)

I found that mid-century modern original pieces are best bought in person so that we can test out the integrity of the wood. However, if you’re unable to find consignment stores near you that sell this style, you still have plenty of options online. Check out the decor ideas below!

Royal Mid-Century Modern Dining Room Decor Ideas

Royal Mid-Century Modern Dining Room



What’s your decorating style? How would you decorate your dining room? Let us know in the comments below! For more inspiration be sure to also follow my Dining Room Pinterest board!

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Helpful decor ideas show me how to recreate a mid-century modern dining room. This post includes tips on where to get mid century chairs, table, and other furniture!

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  1. Kenyatta Harris - January 30, 2018 Reply

    I’m so like you…I want a little glam in every room. I tend towards traditional styling, but I love the clean lines of MCM

    • Jessica - January 30, 2018 Reply

      Yep, I understand 😉 Glam + clean lines work very well together.

  2. Lidia - January 29, 2018 Reply

    I’m in a huge MCM moment right now! I actually have 6 of those Farstrup chairs that I recovered recently! Great post!!

    • Jessica - January 30, 2018 Reply

      That’s awesome! You recovered them yourself?

  3. neelam - January 28, 2018 Reply

    Beautiful concept! Navy and gold – a personal fav!

    • Jessica - January 28, 2018 Reply

      Thank you! It’s a classic combination that works every time 🙂

  4. ondesigninteriors - January 26, 2018 Reply

    Love it. Great article!

  5. mamaontheinternet - January 26, 2018 Reply

    So gorgeous! Love Mid-Century modern style.

    • Jessica - January 27, 2018 Reply

      Thanks! I’m a big fan too 🙂

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