Review – Artifact Uprising Wedding Guest Book (Layflat Photo Album)

In October, we traveled to Austin, TX to take our engagement pictures! After seeing them, I knew that these special photos deserved a nice photo album all to themselves. Eventually, I found the best 2-in-1 solution: a photo album that doubles as our wedding guest book! Below is a detailed review of what I eventually went with, the Artifact Uprising wedding guest book.


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If you just want a quick overview, watch the video review below:

Why Artifact Uprising

I researched a variety of online photo book services to try to figure out which one gave me the best product for my money. The decision eventually came down to choosing between Shutterfly and Artifact Uprising. Even though I liked the variety of cutesy themes and layouts that Shutterfly had available, the Artifact Uprising (AU) photo books overall looked more elegant and timeless. Instead, the fewer number of pictures per page made me focus more on each individual image. I think this is what makes the book look so classy! It will look beautiful sitting on our coffee table or bookshelf.



About the Wedding Guest Book (Layflat Photo Album)

Though it’s marketed as a “wedding guest book,” the product is the exact same as the layflat photo album. This means the book well, lays flat, and a single image can span two pages. The book itself is hardcover bound by colored fabric.


Here’s our order details:

  • PAPER: Superfine
  • DESIGN: Bottom96ptfont
  • ALBUM SIZE: 8.5×8.5 in
  • FABRIC COLOR: Orchidee
  • FOIL COLOR: Gold

The base book’s price comes with 20 pages. However, I really needed a few more, so we ended up with 26 pages. Each additional page is $4.50 for our album’s size.


Artifact Uprising themselves recommended the Superfine paper (versus Lustre) if we planned on having people write in it. It’s a matte paper with eggshell texture that allows pen ink to better absorb and not smear. I plan on having our guests sign using black Sharpie pens. I LOVE Sharpie pens and used them all throughout college for note taking. They don’t bleed and one pen lasts forever!

My one worry was that this paper’s absorption ability would mute the pictures’ colors when printed. I don’t think this happened to us, because the pictures in the album still look as bright and vibrant as they did on screen.


Another surprise about this paper was how thick it was. Each page is a millimeter thick! It’s almost like cardstock or cardboard. Because of its thickness, I have full confidence that our guests’ inked messages will not bleed through!


I will say that AU books are a bit pricey. Their layflat photo books range from $139-299 depending on the size you get. Each additional page can also get quite costly, ranging from $4.50-6.00 and must be added 2 pages at a time.

But what really kills me is going through final checkout and finding out that shipping is a whopping $17.99! It pains me to pay for any kind of shipping after becoming spoiled by Amazon Prime. To cushion the blow a bit, I purchase when there’s a sale or promotion going on.


  • High quality, thick pages
  • Cloth binding and spine
  • Aesthetics – clean, minimal look


  • Expensive shipping and add-ons
  • Few fabric selection colors
  • Limited cover designs


Overall, I am very happy with the Artifact Uprising wedding guest book. Even Hongbo mentioned that he was surprised by how the quality exceeded his expectations. I can’t wait to read our wedding guests’ messages in it after returning from our honeymoon!


Even though we bought the layflat photo album for wedding guest book purposes, it can easily be used in a variety of ways. The layflat album could also be used as a wedding album, guest book, photography portfolio, or gift…in the end, it’s up to you and your creativity!

What is your experience with making photo albums? Are you ready to try AU out for yourself? Check out the layflat photo album here!

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I love this wedding guest book idea! The Artifact Uprising wedding guest book that also doubles as a layflat photo album would be the perfect guest book.

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