• According to Him

    During pre-orientation week of my sophomore year at college, a group of ACF (Asian Christian Fellowship) leaders and I were at school to do outreach and make friends with incoming freshmen. Freshmen during pre-orientation love to meet new people and hang out, so it wasn’t long before we made some new friends and invited them to play a game of power UNO (a game of skill and deception!) with us while getting to know them. One of these new freshmen named Jessica was loud and energetic, and a little too trusting to be good at power UNO. Little did I know that Jessica and I would be seeing a lot of each other that year…

  • According to Her

    On one of the first few days after I moved into college, my friends and I encountered a group of upperclassmen in our dorm. They introduced themselves as students part of a campus organization called Asian Christian Fellowship (ACF) and invited us to play Power Uno (it's like the card game Uno but on steroids). In that group was a surfer-necklace, white t-shirt wearing, messy-haired boy named Hongbo. But it took a while until he made a greater impression on me...


According to Her

...That is, until a couple months later when Hongbo greeted me as I walked back from classes. Surprised that he remembered my name, I embarrassingly asked him for his again (thankfully he gave it after teasing me a bit) - and made a point to remember it next time!

"Next time" morphed into many more times thereafter where we spent studying, watching Disney movies, and grabbing dinner together. I enjoyed Hongbo's company very much but wondered what he thought of me. Hoping to give him a bigger hint, I put my head on his shoulder while watching Peter Pan one night. 🙂

Bingo! Finally towards the end of the school year, Hongbo told me how he felt. The feeling was mutual and we attempted to date even though summer break crept between us. However, this factor, along with a number of others, did us in. Looking back now, I can see that it simply was not God's plan for us to be together at that time.

According to Him:

I would often go over to Jessica's freshman dorm when in search of a quiet place to study. This wasn't always the most productive as Jessica would often be there when I headed over (maybe I made a point of going when I knew she'd be there...) and talking to her seemed much more interesting than studying.

Evidently Jessica enjoyed my company too as studying would often turn into getting food late at night, watching TV in her room, and generally enjoying each other's company. Over time I developed very confusing feelings for Jessica and began a long period of deliberating over whether she liked me, or if I was reading into things too much.

Fast forward many months (and after many missed hints) and we finally told each other how we felt about each other. I couldn't have been happier. However, a long summer and our maturity levels got in the way of our relationship. God's timing was simply not there for us and we slowly drifted apart over the course of the next couple of years.


According to Us

Jessica: Four years passed where the both of us led separate lives. I thought I’d never see Hongbo again after he graduated a year before I did and moved away for work. Never would I have imagined that we’d reconnect at a mutual friend’s wedding (sitting across from each other, nonetheless!) several years later to find out that both of us moved to Dallas.

Hongbo: It was amazing how easily we were able to pick up where we had left off after all this time. We went on fun adventures around the city, watched Game of Thrones together, and shared many laughs. Of course my mom would always pester me by asking if there was anything going on between us and even showed my grandma in China a picture of the girl I had been hanging out with. Turns out she was pretty spot on!

Jessica: I was reminded of how much I enjoyed Hongbo’s company. When it got to the point of even my dad questioning our relationship, I figured it was time to DTR. Only this time, I felt like it was up to me! One evening while catching Pokemon in the park, I told Hongbo how I felt. Thankfully, he too, could envision a future for the both of us. Praise God, as this was His plan all along! The time and place felt just right, and we both had the support of our family and community.

Hongbo: It was clear that our attraction was still there after all this time and that we had both done some growing up. It is not very often that people get a second chance after things don’t work out the first time and I’m very thankful that God brought us back together.

“For from him and through him and for him are all things. To him be the glory forever!" Romans 11:36

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