Open Floor Plan Empty House Tour

Hey friends! Thanks for all your well-wishes towards us and our new house. Many of you have been asking to see the inside. It’s currently a giant, empty space, so we give you – our empty house tour!

house tour-4051

Open Floor Plan

Here’s the layout of the house:

2 story Open Floor Plan House

I absolutely love the open floor plan. A giant, spacious home with lots of natural light was on the top of my wishlist. I also wanted enough space to host friends and family if they visit (or to grow our family later…much later lol). At 2,250 sq ft, I’d say that our 3 bedroom + 2.5 bathroom home is a pretty great size for our present and future needs. Let’s go in!

Empty House Tour

Family Room, Casual Dining, Kitchen

Seeing how this is an open floor plan, all 3 of these “rooms” are lumped into one gigantic space downstairs.

house tour-4051

We got to choose a lot of the colors in the house. And thank goodness, because the original design choices were for a “sophisticated farmhouse” look (bleh). I’m all modern, baby!

house tour-4054

Those white cabinets, marble-like countertops (quartz), and that pop of dark backsplash make my heart sing. I wasn’t too sure about the black backsplash at first, but it turned out beautifully! Also, you can’t see it very well in this picture, but our island cabinets are gray. I wanted to bring in interest with an accent color. 😉

house tour-4056

At first I was not crazy about the stair banister color because I felt it was too dark…and it was also the only change I could not make. I originally wanted a lighter colored wood. However, the dark wood nicely contrasts with the light floors, so I think I can move on now 🙂

There’s a powder room to the left of the stairs. It was kind of funny to discover that the bathroom was on a platform! Right now it’s not super interesting (I don’t think you’d want to see a pic of a sink and toilet). But I am thinking about wallpapering it! See my ideas for it on Pinterest. Have you ever wallpapered your space before?

Let’s go upstairs!

Game Room

We have a nice chunk of space up here that we’ll turn into a game/movie room. I like how It could also be a nice, general multipurpose space.

house tour-4018

That door leads into the laundry room.

house tour-3995

Does anybody else have their laundry room upstairs? Is it good/bad? The only thing I’m worried about is if the washer breaks and water leaks everywhere. That little tray is not gonna catch all the water, lol.

I have grand visions to also wallpaper the laundry room. See my ideas on my laundry room Pinterest board.

Secondary Rooms

On one side of the game room are two bedrooms.

house tour-4016

Right now they’re both empty rooms with a closet – I don’t think they’re interesting enough to show here. But! Once one of them gets converted into an office and the other a guest bedroom, we’ll share the results here on the blog. Sign up for our email list to be notified of new posts!

Guest Bathroom

house tour-4009

house tour-4012

I chose a slightly warmer neutral color scheme for this bathroom than the rest of the house that is gray/white/black. I’m not quite sure how I want to decorate this space yet…any suggestions?

new home-4015

Master Bedroom

Now on the other side of the game room is the master suite. Right when you enter you are faced with three large windows. All that natural light! *heart eyes* Hongbo is more concerned with how he’s going to sleep with that light though. I ruled out black-out shades…they don’t go with the color scheme! Blinds & curtains will have to do.

house tour-3996

I have ideas to turn this bedroom into a cozy yet elegant room where we can retreat into each night. See my ideas in the post French Provincial Bedroom Decor Ideas.

Turn around and you’ll see the entrance to the bathroom.

house tour-3998

The bathroom is one of my favorite rooms that I designed – are you ready to see?!

Master Bathroom


house tour-3999

I love our bathroom. I wanted to go for a glamorous, luxe look – something that you’d find in a fancy hotel! I chose tile that looked like marble and polished nickel hardware. I originally wanted brass, but they didn’t have that option at the Design Center. However, I’m happy with the final white/gray/black color scheme.

new home-4004

Bonus: a closet big enough for the both of us!

house tour-4001

We got those bottom rods in the closet custom-installed. There’s no way a single top rod would hold all my clothes lol…

That’s it! Follow along on Instagram to get notified on new posts…like when we share the final house tour.

We love our house and are very happy with it. If you’re interested in buying a new home in Texas and want more information about this builder/plan, contact us and we can refer you! You will receive up to $1,000 of credit towards the design center (where you choose all the colors, countertops, paint, etc.) if you decide to purchase.

Open Floor Plan Empty House Tour

I’m beyond excited to fill up this empty house! We need your advice and suggestions on where to buy quality furniture in Dallas. Where did you buy your furniture? Let us know in the comments below!

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This two story house has an open floor plan where dining, living room, and kitchen are all downstairs. It's ready for open floor layout decorating ideas!

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