5 Things To Do in Vegas…Aside from Gambling

When you think of Vegas, you might picture casinos. Lots of them. I was worried that there wouldn’t be much to do in Vegas for someone who wasn’t interested in gambling…like me. Boy, was I wrong! From food to shows to unimaginable shopping, and yes, a high-stakes poker game or two, Vegas has something for everybody! Here are 5 alternative activities you can do in Vegas that’s not gambling.

Las Vegas Bellagio Hotel Fountain Show

1. Eat a fancy dinner

Vegas is home to tons of world-class, Michelin-starred restaurants. We decided to #treatourselves to some fine dining and ate dinner at Spago by Wolfgang Puck.

And here we are, acting classy as ever at a 5-star restaurant.


Las Vegas Spago Grilled Spanish Octopus
Grilled spanish octopus

This octopus had the perfect tenderness and zest. I could’ve eaten 5 more plates of these things.


Las Vegas Spago Pan-Seared Sonoma Duck Breast
Pan-Seared Sonoma Duck Breast

Succulent yet a little gamey tasting. Never had duck like this before!


Gold nugget

We really lucked out here. The dessert chef had some family over that day and had a few (off-menu) leftover chocolate gold nuggets. Presentation was A+.

2. Watch a show

We heard Cirque du Soleil shows were THE ones to watch.  Since I’ve never seen a Cirque show before, I wanted to go all out and watch the most popular one, “O!”

Cirque du Soleil Water Show O

Here we are, very excited before the show…

Now that I’ve seen it, I’ll say that the show was…quirky. The story felt unfocused and was hard to follow. The cool costumes, on-stage pool, and awesome acrobatics kept me entertained though.

3. Shop til you drop

How did I not know this before going to Vegas? But practically every hotel on the strip is also a mall! There’s stores of all price ranges for every shopper’s needs.

Las Vegas Venetian Grand Canal Shops

For us, it was as simple as having gelato options…

Gelato at the Venetian

See a map of all the shops, hotels, and restaurants on the strip here.

4. Eat at buffets

Apparently Vegas is also known for its abundance of buffets. Clearly I’m a first-timer here! Our friends recommended that we try Buddy V’s in the Venetian. We opted for their brunch buffet with bottomless libations and didn’t look back 😉 It was definitely some delicious “home-cooking” style Italian food.

Hello, all-you-can-drink sangria!

My favorite dishes were the cheese selections, spicy italian sausage, and mac n’ cheese carbonara. That one meal probably undid all the calories we burnt from hiking throughout the previous week, lololol.

5. Explore hotels on the Strip

The hotels along the strip are full of entertainment – casinos, shops, food + drink, you name it. We had a fun time marveling at the ostentatious decorations. See a map of all the shops, hotels, and restaurants on the strip here.

Caesar’s Palace

Take a break inside Caesar’s head
Feel like an empress in your own palace

The Bellagio

Check out Chihuly glass art
Stake out a spot to watch the Bellagio Fountain Show. There’s a spot on a terrace right outside the hotel’s entrance that was super optimal.
Las Vegas Bellagio Hotel Fountain Show
Bellagio Fountain Show

The Venetian

Las Vegas The Venetian Gondolas
Look, you don’t even need to go to Venice to ride a gondola! 🙈 However, as someone who has been to Venice and rode a gondola before…I’d say definitely do the real thing if you can.

Las Vegas Venetian Hotel Canals

This hotel had its share of fun displays and sculptures

You might be wondering if we stayed in one of the hotels along the strip. The answer is no – we struck a bargain by staying in an Airbnb. If you are booking Airbnb for the first time, here’s $40 in travel credit for you! Perhaps one day we’ll #treatourselves and stay in one of the Vegas hotels. 🙂

Have y’all been to Vegas before? What are your favorite things to do there? Let us know in the comments below!

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Here are 5 ideas of things to do in Las Vegas with kids or families that are not gambling!

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