• Jessica Pei

    Jessica was born and raised in Texas. However, it wasn't until later in life when she fully embraced her Texan roots with her love of BBQ and rodeos. She likes to try new food, go on travel adventures, and take lots of photos. Most of all, she's excited to do all of these things from now on with Hongbo!

  • Hongbo Liang

    Hongbo was born in China and has the mark on his arm to prove it. He likes to make new foods, play board games, and go to cool things happening around Dallas. He feels very blessed that Jessica is fun loving and adventurous and looks forward to making memories together!


Saturday May 26, 2018
Ceremony with reception to follow
Dallas, TX
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  • Tim


    Best Man

    In college, Tim and Hongbo joined the same college fellowship and later roomed together for two years. Tim bonded with the groom over late-night treks to the dining hall, long conversations on the couch, and while teaching him a thing or two about a video game called Super Smash Bros. Melee. Currently a medical student in Houston, Tim can’t wait to drive up to Dallas to celebrate his good friend’s wedding!

  • Derek



    Hongbo and I met during our freshman year in college but we didn't start to grow close until we started rooming together in our junior year. From that point on, there were many late nights of Half & Halfs™, League of Legends, and Super Smash Bros. Many shared struggles define our friendship including but not limited to seeing how long we could procrastinate on Finance assignments and climbing the duo queue ranks. I have always looked up to Hongbo as someone who is wise, considerate, and knows the right things to say in difficult situations. I am very much looking forward to standing next to Hongbo as we celebrate the beginning of his new life with Jessica!

  • Eric



    Even though Hongbo and I first met in college years ago, we have been following each other's footsteps all across the country. From St. Louis to Plano to Richmond and now finally back to Plano. It didn't really matter though if we were in the same location or thousands of miles away. Our bonds grew slaying heroic champions together, watching Jon know nothing, and sowing plentiful harvests. Throughout it all he's been strong, steadfast, and sincere. I can't wait to be by his side on the big day.

  • Daniel



    Hongbo is not only a great older brother but a wonderful friend. Over 14 years, I have gotten to grow alongside him through debate, video games and so much more. Hongbo was always there for me to provide guidance and a voice of reason in our family, no matter what the situation demanded. I am honored to have the opportunity to be there with him on his wedding day and look forward to sending him off on this new chapter of his life with Jessica.

  • Christina


    Maid of Honor

    I first met Jessica when I was an anxious, three year old looking for someone to sit with at Sunday school. What began was a magical friendship based on our mutual love for books, drawing, and engaging in shenanigans. It's now been twenty-one years since we first met and I truly can't imagine my life without her. It is an honor to be her MOH and anyone who gets in her way for the wedding will have to go through me. ;D

  • April



    Jessica and I met at New Star, her parent's education center when we were 12 years old. My favorite memories with Jessica include reading the newly released Harry Potter books, traveling to Greece last year, and bonding at the mall. Our friendship has survived the test of time through middle school, high school, college, and now our careers. I'm so excited to be a part of this new adventure with her!

  • Elise



    Jessica (or JPei, as everyone in ACF, our college fellowship, likes to call her) and I met at WashU during our freshman year, but grew closer the year after through ACF. We became known for our awesome and fierce lip-syncing videos that we posted every reading week on our friend Justine's wall, covering songs such as Beyonce's seminal classics, "Who Run the World (Girls)," "Diva," and "Grown Woman," as well as Ariana Grande (feat. Iggy Azalea)'s "Problem." I am honored and excited to be the Michelle Williams/Kelly Rowland to her Beyoncé on this very special day.

  • Kara



    Jessica and I met our freshman year in college and became fast friends. Out of all the adventures and daily life we’ve shared since then, it is impossible to choose a favorite memory, but we can all appreciate that Valentine’s Day when Jessica sent her friends anonymous dessert fortune cookies. We all thought that we had secret admirers – at least I did! I’m thrilled to stand by a wonderful friend on her wedding day!


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